Friday, May 15, 2009

What makes a Leader?

I've read so many book on leadership from TIm Elmore to Bill HUghes. Even my dad teaches leadership in churches. So, one day i was invited by a church to give a short 2 hour seminar on Youth Leadership. Surprised & amazed by GOd, i accepted the invitation. Quickly i start to stack all my books on leadership near my computer...(not all mine, most of them is my dad's :p). Here i am in front of my pc ready to put all points i can get from the book.

Nothing wrong right? but I was rebuked by the Holy SPirit "what are you gonna impart to the people? knowledge or life?" Wow...i was strucked! mere knowledge or life? I repent..tobat i put aside the books.....NOT! of course i need the book. Just to refresh what i've learn & what i've done after reading the book. Again i rephrase, what i've learn & what i've done. So, basically during the seminar, i share everything about what i've done (not literally everything, time not enuf to share about God's goodness in my life & RYC).

We preach what we've done, not do what we've preach. So, that morning i brought along some of RYC leaders who'r close to me. I brought them so that they can learn something & they can see whether what i share during the 2 hours is something that i've done or just a knowledge or they might think "Eh, nda pernah pun koko buat mcm tu? cakap ja lebih", in other words, being transparent.

You know, last time i always heard some pastor's or church leader's children give comment on their father's preaching at the back of the church while their father is preaching in front. Well, u guess right! They basically said "he's just saying it in front of the church, but he doesn't do as he says". Wow..imagine, how a leader can impact his/her family's life! SO, friends, leaders, better practice intergrity from now, be transparent, welcome comment & inputs from others...especially the people you lead.

So, here's what i believe & what i've learn about What Makes A Leaders :
  • Spiritually
  • Character
  • Knowledge
  • Skill
  • COmmunity
  • Vision

I'll write more in my next post :) Stay connected with the above, be inspired. God bless.

what inspires me

I was humbled by how Jesus can touch every single people He met. From the youngest to the eldest. Looking at myself, why can't I? Last time i thought i can only touch those who is significant to my my family, my close friends, RYC, my church. Then i realize that i'm limiting myself from getting inspired by God's creation, the world & every single things that is in it. When u touch someone elses life, it's because u'r initially inspired to do it. From who? from God. Now, God work thru everything for our own good (ROman 8:28) I was inspired by everything in life. This inspiration i receive every single day. I was inspired by people around me, i was inpired by the tv show that i watch, i was inspired by the shopping malls, by the people in my church, i was inspired by an unkown cat & its kitten who have been living at my porch...every thing. I was inspired by just looking at a garbage bin! Amazing! when we open our eyes & ears, it's impossible to miss God's works & message written all around us. DOn't limit ourselves, have you bible as your "glasses" or "binocular" so that you know what to see.

Leaders should inspired the people he/she lead. We as God's children also should inspired the people around us. "let your light shine before people, so that they can see your good deeds and give honor to your Father in heaven" Matt 5:16. If leaders don't inspire, they expired.

Get inspired today!